Please note that all of the information you provide below, including your business rates reference number, has to be complete and accurate. Failure to do so could lead to your payment being either delayed or claimed back at a later date.

Account details

Your business rates reference number can be found on your bill. It will be ten characters in length, it will begin with the numbers 71 and may end with the letter X.

Business address

Contact information

COVID19 Grant

To be entitled to this grant, you must have been registered as the ratepayer for this business on 11 March 2020. Bromley Council will pursue recovery of any grants received in error and will prosecute in any instance of fraud.

Bank account information

Bank/Building society address

In order to verify your bank details, please provide a copy of a blank paying in slip or cheque using the upload facility below. If neither of these are available, please provide a copy of your latest bank statement, that clearly shows your bank account details.

Please note there is a file restriction of 8MB and only the following files types are allowed PDF, JPEG, RTF, DOCX, DOC, EXCEL. You can also upload a photograph taken on your smart phone or tablet.


Data Privacy

The information and documents you provide with this form will only be used to update your claim, business rates account or council tax record and will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found on our website, or if you have any questions or concerns about the way we process your personal data, please go to